This second item is still related to gadgets, yes additional gadgets, complementing our gadgets.Multimedia technology is indeed progressing, the sensation of watching 3D videos can be done at home or anywhere, not necessarily having to go to a simulator machine. Currently there is 3D VR-Glass, so people usually call it VR (virtual reality) glasses.

Actually, since 2-3 years ago I wanted to have this gadget, VR glasses, but it hasn't been accomplished. There is always a logical reason to discourage having it, yes the reason is certainly the need, it is not very urgent. Indeed, this gadget is only for entertainment. I was very lucky to get it when I really wanted it, "beautiful in his time" it was proven, through this 2018 Christmas gift I got it, Thx Jesus, thank you for giving it, whoever it is, Mr. or Mrs.

For the price, this VR glasses unit varies when viewed online, such as in Tokopedia, the range is 60-70K, in Bukalapak 57-120K, on ​​JD. 80K and there are many other online shops, just searching alone.

Oh yeah, I want to review a little after trying this 3D VR, which was produced and marketed by Miniso. The name of the product is 3D Virtual Reality Glasses G05A (Blue) . Yes, the color I got is blue.

The following I mention the specifications written on the back of the packaging of this product, as follows:
- Weighs only 139 grams
- Material is ABS + resin lens
- There is a setting for far near the lens
- Adjustable headrest
- Package purchases are available lens pads and guidebooks

I happened to use a smartphone with a standard screen, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 SD, right when I input it into this VR glasses slot. It's just that I have difficulties in managing play and choosing videos, because the position is stuck, then the fingerprint sensor in my cellphone cannot be used as play.Automatically, if you want to change the video, it's rather complicated, you have to open it first and then enter it again. So the good thing is, pick and choose the videos you want to watch just install.

For the convenience of the headrest it is quite comfortable, because there is foam that holds the VR glasses frame, the connection to the head is also quite comfortable and can be adjusted to the user's head. It happened that my head was small, so it didn't bother me to adjust the settings, since I opened it from the box I didn't need to set it up anymore, just use it immediately.

See the foam and straps for the headrest that are thick and made from comfortable skin, the light weight does not weigh the head when worn

For the video I try searching on Youtube, choose the 3D VR, if the normal video is okay, but it's more exciting to watch 3D, it's exciting to use Bluetooth headphones, really the sensation of watching in different ways. This gadget is just right, so on a Saturday night I can feel at home at the boarding house to enjoy the video.

I don't have complains with this one gadget, considering that this VR glasses with prices are quite cheap, made in Japan, so the quality I believe is pretty good again. Yes this is a good start, if next time I have the opportunity to try VR glasses at more expensive prices and with more sophisticated features.

First of all my notes about the review of 3D Virtual Reality Glasses 05A, which I got from the 2018 Christmas gift. This Christmas is fun, thank you Jesus, thank you for giving this gift, GBU always. -cpr-