Waterdrop Ring Bracket
1.Metal ring bracket can be strongly absorbed on the car mount holder, easy to use.
2.Fashionable waterdrop design. It can be folded 180 degrees and be rotated 360 degrees. Suitable for various angles.
3.2 in 1 ring bracket holds the cellphone and protects it from dropping.
4.New type glue, easy to wash. It can be reused without any trace.


1.Clean the back cover of cellphone before use. Tear off the protective film and stick it on the cellphone.
2.Clean the adhesive side of the product and then it will regain its original stickiness after it gets dry.
1.Keep away from heat.
2.Please clean it before use if it gets dirty.
3.Do not throw or pull it. Do not use it on the greasy cellphone or cellphone case.